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Sphery is a FitTech Startup from Zurich and the inventor of the [ExerCube] and the [ExerCube] League.

You can book a training at their HQ where 3 [ExerCube] units stand ready for you to participate.

Sphery AG
Asylstrasse 64
8032 Zürich

The A Plus [ExerCube] Lounge is one of the biggest [ExerCube] venues and located in Hinwil.

They are equipped with 4 [ExerCube] units and a spacious Lounge to recover after a demanding workout.

A Plus
[ExerCube] Lounge

Zürichstrasse 66A
8340 Hinwil ZH


One of the first gyms in Germany equipped with the [ExerCube] is located in Crailsheim. The [ExerCube] fits perfectly into the stylish and modern training environment.

LifeForce Fitness
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6
74564 Crailsheim

Fitness Club Fellbach

Fitness Club Fellbach
Bruckstraße 61
70734 Fellbach

Step Sprts & SPA

STEP Sports & SPA
Wankelstraße 10
70563  Stuttgart

That the [ExerCube] satisfies a variety of customer needs is shown in this location near Hamburg. The retirement home does not only keep the inhabitants fit and healthy, but also collaborates with professional local sport clubs and is open for everyone to try the [ExerCube].

Hospital zum Heiligen Geist
Hinsbleek 11
22391 Hamburg

ON THE ROCK – Innovation zum anfassen

Veranstaltungskonzepte GmbH
Richtstrecke 5 – 9
45731 Waltrop